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When should I purchase my domain?

Purchase your domain name BEFORE you register your business and capture the domain before you register you business name.  Having a url that fits your business name can be the difference between choosing one business name over another.  If you register your business first and then try to buy a domain 2nd you can run into problems of having a domain name that isn’t quite clearly associated with your business.  When you register a business the name is published in a local paper and then some people make a living of registering domain names and then reselling them to the business at a huge markup.  Since a domain is the predominant search term it is best to secure them first.

Where should I purchase my domain name from?

Honestly, it makes zero difference where a domain is purchased from.  Usually it works out its just easier to purchase a domain and hosting with the same company.  Sometimes they even offer a free domain with hosting.  The cheapest companies to purchase a domain from are and  Here is a more comprehensive list of current prices as of October 2020.

Registrar .com .org .net Promo Code

ionos logo

$1/1st year
then $15/year
$1/1st year
then $15/year
$1/1st year
then $15/year
No code
namecheap $1/1st year then $8.88 $1/1st year then $12.98 $1/1st year then 10.78 99SPECIAL
Bluehost $12.99/year $9.99/year $14.99/year no code

Godaddy logo

$11.99 1st year then $17.99 $9.99 1st year then $20.99 $14.99 1st year then $19.99 no code

google domains

$12/year $12/year $12/year no code
siteground-logo $15.95 $17.95 $17.95 no code

What does the suffix mean on the domain name?

When the internet made its first strides it broke everything down into categories:

.gov – Government Website

.edu – Educational Institution

.mil – Military

.com – Commercial Site

.org – Traditionally a non profit organization Website

.net – Network.

Nowadays you have over 300 suffixes to choose from.  So its all based on preference. If you have a blog, you can go with .blog.  If you have a store, you can go with .shop.  Its all personal preference in todays market.

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